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Ghost Immobiliser Plus S5 Tracker (inclusive subscription ) Supplied And Fitted For Only £999

The Ghost is the world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser.

Protect your car from theft like nothing else on the market today. The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft.

The only way a thief could take a Ghost protected car is by physically towing it away, even then they will never be able to drive it! The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location.

The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your car.

Scorpion Automotive is based in Chorley and has designed & manufactured vehicle security since 1974.

Open your vehicle as normal and enter your unique and changeable PIN at any point button press sequence into the existing vehicle controls and your car starts as normal.

Thieves use specialist key cloning and key coding devices to steal vehicles making any keyless vehicle very vulnerable and can be taken in 30 seconds or less.

Scorpion X combats this with the latest technology and is uniquely coded to your vehicle and can be removed and refitted to your next purchase.

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