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Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. 

The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must first be entered before you can drive your car. 

Just like your credit card but you can make your car disarm sequence even safer by making it up to 20 presses long.

TASSA Verified

From 1st of March the Ghost Immobiliser will be TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security System Association) approved and any company that fits the GHOST IMMOBILISER must be TASSA registered. 

TASSA is a Governing body who test vehicle security products https://www.vsst.co.uk and TASSA installation companies have to pass a process of checks (Including CRB checks and identity checks) on engineers who install.

Ghost Vehicle Protection have passed the checks.

All new Ghost immobilisers installed after the 1st of March will automatically receive TASSA  Verified.

    Tracking System Available

    Even though the majority of modern vehicles come with alarms and immobilisers to improve security, today’s car criminals don’t let these preventative measures get in their way. As a result, more and more motorists are choosing vehicle tracking systems instead.

    The latest S5 and S6 tracker can recognise illegal movement of your vehicle via motion sensing technology. Once you’ve confirmed the theft, a 24/7 control centre will track your vehicle and work with the police until it is recovered. However, several consumers don’t know which tracker to choose, as there are several options available.

    So, with this in mind, speak to us to offer you the best S5 and S6 tracker, which provide excellent levels of security and superb location accuracy.

    Camera Installations

    Fitting a dash cam to your car can reduce your insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind when it comes to disputes over liability in an accident.

    GVP has pulled together a huge number of leading examples, from basic video recording models to top-of-the-range dashcams with multiple cameras, smartphone connectivity, accident sensors and the ability to record your speed and location by GPS.

    Our detailed findings and with the latest models now grouped by year of review as well as budget, so this is the best place to come for information on the top dashcams currently available.

    ONLY £449